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Protecting the Whistleblower

Federal Courthouse in DuluthA whistleblower is one who “blows the whistle” on illegal activity within an employer’s operation. One who in good faith reports an employer for an actual or suspected violation of law is protected from being fired or discriminated against in Minnesota because they made the report.

At Warner Law Office , we represent employees in claims made under the Minnesota Public Policy Discharge statute, more commonly referred to as the “Whistleblower Act”. Contact Warner Law Office if you believe that you were fired, denied a job or promotion because of your efforts to ensure that an employer followed the law.

Whistleblower Claim

A whistleblower is by definition one who has taken a serious risk of losing his or her job by reporting suspected illegal activity or refusing to engage in illegal activity. The report must be made in good faith. It must also be made either to the employer itself or to certain governmental entities, including law enforcement or certain public agencies. If you have made such a report and have suffered an adverse employment action because of it, you may well have a claim under the Minnesota whistleblower law.

Special Considerations for Healthcare Employee

Employees associated with the healthcare industry have some additional protections under the whistleblower law. If you report in good faith a situation in which the quality of health care services provided by a health care facility, organization, or health care provider violates a standard established by federal or state law or by a professionally recognized national clinical or ethical standard, and you suffer adverse employment action as the result of the report, you may also have a whistleblower claim under Minnesota state law.

Refusing an Order to Violate the Law

The whistleblower law also protects you if you have in good faith refused to perform an action that you have an objective basis in fact to believe violates any federal or state law, including federal or state rules or regulation, and you inform your employer that you are so refusing on that basis.

If you believe that you have been the victim of retaliation for your report or refusal to break the law, please contact Warner Law Office for a free initial consultation. Attorney Dan Warner will review your situation to determine your rights. Our firm represents whistleblowers throughout Minnesota, including people throughout the Twin Cities.

Learn more about your rights as an employee, by contacting the Warner Law Office . Our firm advocates for mistreated workers throughout Minnesota, including in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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