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Sexual Harassment

Inappropriate Workplace Sexual Advances

Stearns County CourthouseNo one should have to endure sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment comes in a variety of forms. Both Minnesota state law and federal law can impose liability on your employer for sexual harassment from your coworkers or managers.

Contact Warner Law Office , in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, if you believe that you are or have been the victim of unwanted sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can occur in many different ways including the following:

  • Sexual innuendo
  • Requests or demands for sexual favors
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Offensive sexual jokes
  • Posting or distributing obscene pictures
  • Unwelcome verbal comments of a sexual nature

Types of Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment claims typically come in two forms: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. In a quid pro quo claim, your continued employment, job promotions or other tangible job terms and conditions are contingent on your allowing or submitting to sexual harassment. Our firm can hold your employer accountable for these job actions, whether merely threatened or actually carried out. Under a hostile work environment claim, your employer can also be held liable for unwelcome words or conduct of a sexual nature. While not every comment or offensive joke is necessarily sexual harassment, if it is tough for you to go to work each day because your employer tolerates or promotes sexual harassment, you may have a hostile work environment claim.

It is important in most sexual harassment situations for the employee to determine if the employer has a policy that both prohibits sexual harassment and allows for complaint by the employee. In situations where such policies exist, it is often wise for the employee to follow the internal complaint procedure of the company to try to remedy the situation.

Protect yourself against sexual harassment. Contact Warner Law Office if you believe you are or have been the victim of sexual harassment. Attorney Daniel Warner will review your situation to determine if we can help you. Our firm represents people throughout Minnesota, including people in the Twin Cities.

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