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Character Defamation

False and Reckless Statements by Employers

Hennepin County CourthouseYour employer does not have the right to lie about you to others. As an employee, you have certain legal protections against false statements made about you by your employer. Defamation of character can occur when your employer terminates your employment and in the process makes a false statement about you that damages your reputation and makes it difficult for you to find work with someone else. If you can prove the statement is false and this it is of the type that is damaging to your reputation and your ability to find work, the law may provide you with a remedy.

At the Warner Law Office , we can assist in clearing your name and securing compensation for an employer's false and defamatory statements about you. Our firm is committed to obtaining justice for employees in the workplace. If you believe that your employer defamed your good name, contact Warner Law Office for a free initial consultation about a defamation of character claim.

Defamation of Character

Defamation falls into two categories: slander or libel. Libel refers to defamatory writing; slander is defamatory speech. Most workplace defamation cases arise out of a wrongful termination where an employer lies about an employee to try to justify the termination. To prove defamation of character, you must usually prove that your employer did the following:

  • Made a false and defamatory statement
  • About you or concerning you
  • Told the statement to at least one other person, or told the statement to you at the time of your termination from employment; and
  • The employer did not have a qualified privilege (see below).

Qualified Privilege

A qualified privilege may exist for an employer to make an honest mistake about its reason for terminating you. To be an honest mistake, the employer must have probable cause to believe that the statement made is true, must not publish the statement to people who have no reason to know of the reasons for your termination, and must make the statement upon a proper occasion and for a proper purpose. The employer loses the qualified privilege if it has made the statement with malice towards you.

To learn more about a defamation of character claim, contact a lawyer at the Warner Law Office for a free initial consultation. Attorney Daniel Warner will review your situation if we can help restore your good name. Our firm represents employees throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.

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